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Dave Farnham Native Made Market Vendor

Meet The 2023 Native Made Market Vendors

Get to know the Native Made Market Vendors! Learn more about their craft, the story behind their work, and how your support impacts Indigenous communities.

Name: Dave Farnham

Nation: Cayuga

Organization: Empty Pockets Art


Bio: Hi, I’m Dave Farnham, a self-taught carver from Six Nations Reserve. With no formal training, I’ve been crafting since ’04, specializing in Indigenous-themed pieces with bone, antler, and stone.

Name: Allan and Gabriella Jamieson

Nation: Cayuga Upper

Organization: NETO

Vending: Different Native American art and handmade jewelry and hair pieces.

Name: Heather Hill

Nation: Tuscarora

Organization: Lilmizzred

Website: and @lilmizzred

Bio: Hello, I Heather, I come from the Tuscarora nation and I am an enrolled bear clan member. I make a lot of bead work, started by asking my cousin to help teach me bead work because my mother did not. But I knew I wanted to do bead work. For years before hand my parents made, backed, weeded out, and sold vinyl sticker. After my father passed away my mother didn’t want to do it anymore with out him. So we stopped making sticker. During the pandemic I started coming up with different ways to bring income back in the house and started up with stickers.

Name: Rosa Vargas

Nation: Taino

Organization: Guake’te Indigenous Roots

Website: and

Bio: I am a life-long learner and educator. I create artwork inspired by my African and Taino Ancestors. I aim to build community through my presentations, shining a light to my indigenous past. Bringing people together through art and shared experiences.

Name: Clifford Redeye III

Nation: Seneca

Organization: Redeye Leather Co


Bio: My name is Clifford Redeye III- I am Onodowa’ga:’ from the Allegany Territory. I was born and raised on territory and currently reside there. I am self-taught leather worker and have been drawing and painting most of my life in pencil and acrylics. I specialize in leather work, specifically tooling. I have been working with leather for about 11 years. Most of my life I have worked in the environmental field so much of my art is related to the environment and Iroquois culture. I enjoy creating art based on our stories that have been passed down. I also like to learn different versions of our stories and retell them through my pieces. I have had pieces in various art shows including the Ganondagan juried Art show, the Seneca National Iroquois Museum juried art show, and the Woodland Culteral Center Art show, The Heard Museum Juried Market, and will be part of this years Santa Fe Indian Market. I have also been the featured artist at the Onohsagwe:de’ Cultural Center in Salamanca NY.

Name: Jerome Waterman Jr

Nation: Onondaga

Organization: Beaver Creations


Bio: My mother was a bead crafter. I started helping her at age 8. After I got out of the military I started carvings of wood, deer antler, and stone. Then bead work again. I’ve been beading and bone carving the last 20 years or more.

Name: Faye Lone

Nation: Tonawanda Seneca

Organization: Longhaus Of Lone

Website: | |

Bio: Seneca award-winning fiber artist with works in six museums so far. She and 3 of her daughters are makers of exquisite custom apparel.

Name: Edye Waterman

Nation: Onondaga

Organization: Beaver and Wolf Crafts


Vending: Beadwork, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, barrettes, quill and leather items.

Name: Isaac Dalimonte

Nation: Haudenosaunee

Organization: MonteMakes

Website: | Facebook | Instagram

Bio: My name is Isaac Dalimonte. I am 22 years old and I was born in Buffalo NY. My whole life consisted of being fascinated with art. I have always been surrounded by artists including my great grandfather, Stan Hill, who was a famous bone and antler carver. Also, both my grandmother and mother who do specific work in the styles they enjoy which includes painting, bead work, jewelry work and leather work. Growing up around inspirations like these really got me in the spirit to make art of my own. I’ve always been a huge fan of cartoons and video games. I grew up with TV shows such as Adventure Time, Regular Show and Pokemon. Along with playing many of the older Pokemon games and other games in the Super Mario and Sonic Franchises. I have just recently been introduced to the anime: Demon Slayer and the video game: Friday Night Funkin which had pushed me to make a lot of art based around those franchises and many other forms of pop culture. I’ve also always been intrigued with the creepy/spooky aspects that many games portray. Some games have subtle scary undertones that I have always thought were so creative. Along with many older games having Creepy Pastas (scary internet stories) made about them that made them so interesting to look into. That’s what most of my art is based on. Scary/creepy stores made by people around the world about certain videogames or videogame characters. The creativity and stories behind such beloved gaming icons have always peaked my interest. I started making art a few years ago and ever since then, I’ve loved every second of it. I love being able to put my thoughts and ideas onto paper or canvas and have my art be related to pop culture I grew up on. Also being able to put a creepy spin on innocent videogame characters is something I’ll always love.

Name: Awendea and Joseph Kabance

Nation: Seneca

Organization: Thunderbird Studios

Website: |

Bio: I represent my father Joseph Kabance ( Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation) who is a circular oil canvas artist. He was born in Mayetta, Kansas, but raised at a boarding school in South Dakota. 20 years he has been a sundancer in Pine Ridge, Sought Dakota. A lot of his art work is inspired him to paint from his experiences at sundance. He is now retired in Woodstock, NY, he is 78 years old and is still painting. I have promoted my dad’s art work for the past 8 years. I do many art festivals, powwows and Native American events. I take his prints and create different types of crafts on various types of wood, slate, tile, cloth. Soon we will be working on displaying his art in a Gallery here in Buffalo, NY and Woodstock, NY.

Name: Rachel Schindler

Nation: Seneca, Beaver Clan

Organization: Starberrie

Website: | |

Bio: My name is Rachel Lea Schindler, member of the Seneca nation, born into the Beaver clan. Raised on Cattaraugus territory along the shore of Lake Erie midway between Buffalo NY and Erie PA. I’m a mixed media artist, using refurbished and mainly natural materials. My work mainly consists of beadwork, sewing, and Dreamcatchers. I have also created sculptures and recently started quill work. I have a deep passion for creating beautiful pieces of art. Art is a healthy tooI, used to heal myself and express the beauty that is in is all. Spreading joy among the people through my artwork is one of the greatest accomplishments received. I started my native arts and crafts business in 2019.

Name: Mary Homer

Nation: Oneida Indian Nation of New York, Wolf Clan

Organization: Beading Wolves


Bio: My Name is Mary Homer, Wolf Clan of the Oneida Indian Nation. I am a 4th generation beadworker, I work with various types of materials deer hide, bone, seed beads and use nature to inspire my color grouping and let the beads lead the way. I have been beading since I was 8 years old stringing necklaces, and now create velvet birds and various pieces. I travel with my family to pass down what I have been learning to my children, and hopefully one day to my grandchildren.

Name: Indigenous Peoples Day Committee ROC NY

Website: |

Bio: We’re a group of multicultural individuals and organizations who strategize and organize to recognize the second Monday of October as Indigenous Peoples Day in the City of Rochester, New York.

Name: Braiding the Sacred

Website: |

Bio: Braiding the Sacred is an expanding network of indigenous Corn growers from the four directions, unifying to preserve and perpetuate our traditional varieties of sacred Corn. Our gatherings connect leaders and budding seed keepers around the central role Corn and other traditional foods play in the health of our communities. 

Name: Jackie McGriff

Organization: Our Voices Project LLC

Website: | | |

Bio: Jackie McGriff (she/her/hers) is the owner of Jackie Photography and Co-founder, Director, and Producer of Our Voices Project. Our Voices Project is a production company committed to providing a safe space and platform for Black, Brown, and Indigenous Peoples to share experiences while dismantling destructive stereotypes perpetuated in the media through visual storytelling and truthtelling. You can hear Jackie talk about movies on the Our Voices Project’s Representation in Cinema podcast where they take a critical look at how movies portray Black, Brown, and Indigenous people. She’s also been a guest on several episodes of The Little Theatre’s Movies and a Microphone podcast, WXXI’s Connections with Evan Dawson podcasts, and other local podcasts, including We Need to Talk About the Oscars, a podcast dedicated to in-depth conversations about the 2023 Oscar Nominations. She currently resides in Rochester, NY where you can find her either listening to movie scores, hanging out with friends and family, watching documentaries, and/or catching up on TV shows and films when she’s not working on a creative project.

Organization: Common Ground Health


Bio: In the spring of 2021, Common Ground Health worked to educate and engage residents of the Finger Lakes region on the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this effort, we noticed the Indigenous population was significantly overlooked. Not knowing where to go, or having an established relationship, we reached out to several local Indigenous advocates to collaborate. Together, we have begun to build a partnership to extinguish the invisibility of the Indigenous community in health planning and identify ways we can address and support Indigenous health equity. While our group is small and does not represent all Indigenous voices, our goal is to be inclusive of any Indigenous people who want to be involved. For the last 18 months, our group has been conducting focus interviews with Indigenous people to obtain their views on the most pressing health issues in their community. In the fall of 2023, we plan to launch an Indigenous Health Coalition, that will work to advocate for Indigenous health equity in the Greater Rochester area as well as upstate New York.

Organization: Greenlight Networks


Bio: Greenlight Networks is an ultra-high-speed, broadband service provider, offering residential and small business customers Internet speeds up to 5 Gigabits per second. Our mission is to connect our communities by delivering the best internet experience and providing our customers the freedom to work, play, and live without limits!