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About Native Made, LLC

Learn About Native Made, LLC

Native Made, LLC helps Native creatives, educators, change agents, and other Indigenous brands enter the marketplace or grow through marketing and consulting services. Native Made, LLC was founded by Angelina Hilton to serve Indigenous people. As an Indigenous woman who was fortunate enough to go to college and earn a degree in advertising, Angelina feels it necessary to use her education and experience in a purposeful and impactful way. Keep reading to learn about our mission, vision, values, focus, and why we say “yes” to this calling.

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Our mission is to equip, empower, and elevate Native American brands and organizations through marketing and consulting services.


Our vision is to see healing within our community and see Native representation within all communities. To increase Indigenous visibility and sovereignty by supporting Indigenous peoples and organizations. 

Indigenous sovereignty is the ability for native peoples to take care of themselves. This sovereignty continues to be threatened and diminished through a variety of ways.

Native peoples are still fighting for their land, water, and children.  87% of references to Native Americans made in elementary and secondary schools in all 50 states portray Native Americans as only existing before 1900, resulting in students starting college believing all Native Americans are dead. The increasing rate of murdered and missing Indigenous people is overlooked, there are barriers to regenerating and stewarding the environment, barriers to internet access and teachers who still know the culture and language, barriers to mental health services, and the list goes on and on. 

On top of all of this, healing is needed within communities and individuals as intergenerational trauma is a real thing. The planet needs healing as well. This can be done by working with Indigenous organizations to help steward the land, water, animals, and be in relationship and council with other humans. Healing comes with connection. We are on our own journey of healing and getting re-connected with our roots. We believe we’re all connected in some way and that we are not alone in our journey.

If you feel we can be of service to you in your journey, please contact us. We’re here to bring awareness to these needs and amplify the voices of the leaders who are working at making positive, generational change.

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Core Values


Treat each other and our planet with respect.


Indigenous peoples are being authentically represented.


Reduce barriers for Indigenous people to enter the marketplace.


Build relationships with each other, ourselves, our ancestors, descendants and the environment in order to preserve, carry on, and build back lost cultures.


Being able to have compassion for those hurt and offer support for healing and reconciliation.

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Our core focus is on increasing Indigenous visibility through marketing and consulting services.

About Angelina Hilton

Native Made, LLC was founded by Angelina Hilton, a member of the Sac and Fox Nation of Missouri in Kansas and Nebraska, who is also of Iowa of Kansas and Nebraska descent.

In 2007, Angelina graduated from the Art Institute of California in San Diego with a degree in Advertising and was recognized as one of the American Advertising Federation’s Most Promising Minorities. She was also a first generation college graduate, where both her Mother and Grandmother got to see her receive her degree. Not only were two generations of Native women supporting, her tribe also helped support and encourage her.

Since graduating college, Angelina has worked in publishing, graphic and web design, advertising, sales, account management, and search engine marketing. She has worked for companies like Gannett’s Rochester NY Democrat and Chronicle, Semify, small mom and pop shops, and has taken on her own entrepreneurial endeavors.

It wasn’t until after the unexpected losses of her Grandmother in 2019 and older Brother in 2020 she felt a new calling on her life. She began to feel she had a responsibility to stay connected to her roots by learning about her heritage, working towards preserving and sharing stories from her family, and work towards helping Indigenous communities.

After all, it was through the support and encouragement of these resilient and intelligent Indigenous women in her life that was she able to grow into the woman she is today.

Let’s Work Together

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