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Native Made HQ Social Media Policy

Thank you for taking time to read our policy on social media. 

In an attempt for what some might say a “radical form of intention connection”, Native Made as a business will not be posting to or creating social media campaigns or expect those we employ to do so either. As a marketing company, we carefully considered the weight of this decision and for Native Made, we believe the list of reasons to not being on social media outweigh the reasons to “be present on” social media.

At this time, we are encouraging folks to be intentional with their time and engagement with our brand. We will redirect that focus, time, energy, bandwidth, to boots on the ground and connecting with folks in real time, and finding alternative ways of increasing Indigenous visibility. 

  • What we will do is create social media pages for clients, but we will not manage them. 
  • We will keep our Instagram and Facebook pages, however, we will not post to them. 

We want to connect with you! So here are the many ways you can still get a hold of us or connect with us in meaningful ways!! As times change, this list may change too. But for now, let’s stop scrolling and start connecting with intention.

We believe that those we work with and allies who we partner with are extensions of the Native Made brand and we are all connected. We respect the individuals we work with and their choice to utilize the platforms they feel is in their best interest. We invite you to connect with them individually on their chosen medium.

Here at Native Made we operate with the following core values:

  • Respect: Treat each other and our planet with respect.
  • Authenticity: Indigenous peoples are being authentically represented.
  • Accessibility: Reduce barriers for Indigenous peoples to enter the marketplace.
  • Relationship: Build relationships with each other, ourselves, our ancestors, descendants and the environment in order to preserve, carry on, and build back lost cultures.
  • Empathy: Being able to have compassion for those hurt and offer support for healing and reconciliation.

You can read more about these core values and our mission on our About page.

*Updated May 23, 2023