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On Native Land 2024 Wall Calendar

$6 from each calendar presold is donated to the Native American Rights Fund
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  • Scenic images reflective of Indigenous culture, with descriptions
  • Information to create awareness & education of Indigenous culture, initiatives
  • A large portion of presales ($6 from each calendar) will be donated to the Native American Rights Fund (NARF)


  • 9" x 12" (18" x 12" when unfolded) flip-style, wall calendar
  • One center-punched hole to be able to hang the calendar
  • Center stitched (folded and stapled)


  • Full page, color, scenic Indigenous Peoples' related images, with descriptions (Images shown above are representative samples. Final images will be posted soon.)
  • Monthly Gregorian calendar grid (Cell size of 4-1/2" x 1-1/4")
  • 2024 12-month calendar
  • Indigenous Celebratory and Remembrance Days noted on the calendar
  • US Federally Recognized Holidays (Not Columbus Day)
  • Moon phases (new, 1st quarter, full, 3rd quarter) with Indigenous moon names
  • Narrative throughout the calendar.- awareness and education of Indigenous issues and culture
  • Sponsors blocks (ads) that are Indigenous and that support Indigenous initiatives


Design - 01/2023 to 06/2023
Presales - 05/2023 to 09/2023
Printing - 09/2023
Mailing - 10/2023
Donations - 12/2023


The 2024 Indigenous Calendar is a collaborative project between Angelina Hilton of Native Made Ventures LLC and Donald M Sirianni of Omnidon Productions, Inc.

Angelina Hilton: A wife, mother, entrepreneur, and member of the Sac and Fox Nation of Missouri in Kansas and Nebraska as well as of Iowa descent. Angelina is the founder of Native Made where she focuses on increasing Indigenous visibility.

Donald M Sirianni: Lifelong learner, teacher, and entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of Omnidon Productions, Inc and Know The USA, Inc. Mechanical engineer, flight instructor, award wining education author.
Omnidon Production, Inc publications and charity giving


Since 1970, the Native American Rights Fund (NARF) has provided legal assistance to Native American tribes, organizations, and individuals nationwide who might otherwise have gone without adequate representation. NARF has successfully asserted and defended the most important rights of Indians and tribes in hundreds of major cases, and has achieved significant results in such critical areas as tribal sovereignty, treaty rights, natural resource protection, voting rights, and Indian education.


We are crowdfunding this project. We need a minimum number of orders to insure we do not lose money. If we do not obtain 5000 presales, all purchases will be fully refunded. In the 4 years that project founder Don has done these types of projects, he has never had to refund any monies. With your support for Indigenous cultural and issue awareness and education, we think we will easily be able reach our mark. You also receive volume discounts due to lower mailing costs per unit in volume orders. We do not discount volume orders because that would reduce the amount we will be able to give to charity. Giving to charity is one of the main reasons we are doing this calendar project.


The images shown on this page are for demonstration and may not be the actual images used in the calendar. However, they clearly show you what the 'look' of the calendar will be. Images will be Indigenous people, places, artifacts, .... with an informative description. We will post final images as the design takes shape this summer.


If you our your business would like to help support this project and want to place a sponsorship ad, please contact Don: dontrepreneur [at] gmail [dot] com

2024 Indigenous Calendar
All images (C) Native Made Ventures LLC and Omnidon Productions, Inc.

Content Contact: nativemadehq [at] gmail [dot] com
Presale / Sponsorship Contact: dontrepreneur [at] gmail [dot] com

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The articles below are from the Native American Rights Fund Blog RSS Feed. NARF’s work and resources are concentrated on five priorities which include: 1) Preserve Tribal Existence, 2) Protect Tribal Resources, 3) Promote Native American Human Rights, 4) Hold Governments Accountable to Native Americans, 5) Develop Indian Law and Educate the Public about Indian Rights, Laws and Issues.

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